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Motul Sport Oil 5W50 - 5 Litre

Motul Sport Oil 5W50 - 5 Litre

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Motul Sport 5W50 Engine Oil is a 100% synthetic ester based lubricant providing more protection and performance than any other conventional synthetic or semi synthetic engine oil. Specifically designed for very high performance turbo-charged, supercharged petrol and diesel multi-valve fuel injection engines.

- Capacity: 5 Litres.
- Engine Type: 4-Stroke.
- Outstanding Thermal Ability.
- Meets API SM / CF standards.


Motul Sport 5W-50 has been designed to operate in the most severe and demanding driving conditions, whilst ensuring maximum horsepower and torque outputs without sacrificing ultimate wear protection. The Motul Sport oil also allows excellent oil flow throughout, optimum oil pressure from cold and fast progression through the rev range.

Fenix Cooling is an authorised distributor of Motul oil products.

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