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Mazda RX2-5 & RX7 Series 1 / 2 [Down-Flow] Fan Shroud Kit

Mazda RX2-5 & RX7 Series 1 / 2 [Down-Flow] Fan Shroud Kit

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Shroud Dimensions: 330mm x 555mm x 10mm.
Fan Dimensions:
[Fenix] 10" / 275mm x 290mm x 65mm.
[SPAL] 10" 269mm x 269mm x 95mm.

Universal replacement for:

1970-78 Mazda RX-2 / Capella petrol.
1971-78 Mazda RX-3 / Savanna petrol.
1972-79 Mazda RX-4 / Luce petrol.
1975-81 Mazda RX-5 / Cosmo petrol.
1978-80 Mazda RX-7 Series 1 petrol.
1981-83 Mazda RX-7 Series 2 petrol.

Transmission: Manual.

NOTE: Suits down-flow type radiator only. Photographs depict shroud with SPAL fans. Does not include radiator.

Features [Shroud]:

• Full Aluminium construction.
• Factory position mounting.
• Raw alloy or powder coated finish.
• Manufactured in New Zealand.

Features [Fenix Fans]:
• Slimline design.
• Curved blades for maximum efficiency.
• Lightweight ABS construction.
• 12V / 120W Electric motors.

Features [SPAL]:
• Pull type [non-reversible].
• Straight paddle blades.
• IP68 Water & Dust resistant 24v motor.
• 1174CFM / 1990m3/h rated.
• Lifetime 5,000 > 10,000 hours.
• Made in Italy.


Upgrade your old, stock fan shroud with a Fenix Performance Mazda Fan Shroud Kit. Designed with performance and reliability in mind, our alloy fan shroud kits significantly increase the cooling ability on the track or street while offering a factory fit to your Fenix Performance Alloy Radiator.

Partner your Fenix Performance Fan Shroud Kit with a Fenix Performance Alloy Radiator for the ultimate cooling combo.

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