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Universal Kit Radiator - Build Your Own

Universal Kit Radiator - Build Your Own

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Core size: 375mm x 550mm x 42mm.
Overall size: 475mm x 565mm x 62mm.

Can't quite find the radiator to suit your application? Why not build one?

The Fenix Performance Universal Kit Set includes everything you need to build your own one-off radiator.


• Full Aluminium construction.
• Down or Cross-Flow capability [Tanks on top or side].
• Embossed Fenix logo on top tank.
• x4 M8 mounting spuds [Welded to tanks].


• x1 375mm x 550mm x 42mm Radiator core.
• x2 50mm x 565mm x 62mm tanks.
• x2 38mm, 35mm & 32mm x 40mm Outlet pipes.
• x4 10mm x 20mm Mounting pins.
• x2 440mm x 45mm x 40mm Mounting plates.
• x1 38mm Filler neck with 1.3 Bar plunger type performance cap.

Transmission: Manual only.


The Fenix Performance Universal Radiator Kit Set has been developed to suit older or out of production vehicles and scratch build one offs. With performance and reliability in mind, we find the weak points of OEM radiators and eliminate them, while offering a easy fit and an increased cooling efficiency of up to 30%.

*Core size is tube and fin area only and does not include tanks or plate under tank.

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