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28mm Performance Radiator Cap [Lever] - 1.1Bar / 16psi

28mm Performance Radiator Cap [Lever] - 1.1Bar / 16psi

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Upgrade your cooling setup with a Fenix performance radiator cap.

Rated to 1.1 Bar / 16 PSI, this radiator cap will raise the coolant pressure and subsequently its boiling point - increasing your cooling system's heat capacity and performance.

This radiator cap utilises a safety lever that locks the cap to the filler neck.  When lifted, the lever vents coolant system pressure through the overflow tube ensuring it is safe to then remove the radiator cap - Ideal for motorsport environments.

Direct replacement for:

29mm Deep plunger type. Fits all Fenix Performance radiators (with filler necks).


- 1.1kgf/cm2 / 16psi valve rating.
- Safety Lever for venting coolant system pressure.


Designed with performance and reliability in mind, we find the weak points of OEM cooling products and eliminate them.

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